Apples –  Keep best in a crisper drawer. Although I keep mine on the counter with the bananas and oranges. Remember: Apples produce ethylene (A ripening agent) anything next to them will ripen quicker.

Avocados – Ripen quicker on the counter.  Once ripened store in the fridge or I like to slice in half vacuum seal and freeze. Then I just have to unthaw for a ready to use product.

Bananas – Ripen best on the counter.

Citrus – Hold great in the fridge. Remember they will be juicier to eat if bring them back up to room temperature before eating or juicing!

Grapes – Crisper drawer is the way to go. UNWASHED. Rinse right before you eat. Remember grapes like to absorb aromas so keep away from strong smells IE: Onions or Garlic.

Mango – Store on counter as soon as ripe keep in fridge. These are very similar to an avocado.

Kiwi – Keep on your counter, once they have a little give they should be kept in the fridge.

Little Unknown fact: The fuzzy peel is edible, but most of us still prefer to peel them before we eat.

Melons – Store on counter in cool dry place Once ripened store in fridge.

Pears – Ripen on the counter. Then store in the fridge. They make elegant desserts poached or baked.

Pomegranates – Keep well at room temperature. Seeds need to be refrigerated.

Stone Fruits – Nectarines/Apricots/Peaches/Plums Ripen on the counter. (Warm days they will ripen quickly)  Sweet and flowery smell means they are ripe and should be eaten or stored in the fridge.

Berries/Cherries – Always highly perishable!!!  Handle with care. Best eaten right away. Store in coldest part of your fridge.

Tomatoes – Ripen off the vine. Store stem side down on the counter.(Some prefer their window seal. I like my old screen door due to the tomato and breath on all sides)  Never in the fridge as they will turn meally. Salt will enhance the sweetness and acidity of your tomato. You can also add fresh mozzarella and drizzle with olive oil & Balsamic Vinegar. Or my favorite and how I learned to love eating tomatoes is by sprinkling just a little bit of sugar on top..

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