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How We Got Started

We have been sourcing commercial, local produce to our community for 25 years. We have become passionate about bringing people local, fresh and healthy produce. This is why we have started our produce box program to get our local produce to more people. Get your personalized box of fresh produce delivered to your door. 

NW Grown Produce, Local Company & Employees

Family Owned & Operated

Frequently Asked Questions

A note about Perishables:

If you are not going to be home at the time of delivery. We highly recommend leaving a cooler or equivalent container out to help keep your produce happy. Ice packs during the hotter weather are recommended.

Are you a CSA or like buying from a grocery store?

Are you a CSA or like buying from a store:  We are not a C.S.A. and we are not a grocery store. We bridge the gap between the two.

Are fruits and Veggies Organic?

Can be.

Policies on Allergies

Currently we don’t have a policy in place for customer with allergies. You can choose to order a box that doesn’t contain produce you are allergic to, but we can’t guarantee that there isn’t residue.

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